New York
New York
Cürex, part of the LMAX Group, delivers transparent, fair FX execution and analytics to the buy-side.
FX execution
Cürex operates an ECN with streaming, ‘no last look’ liquidity, enabling buy-side clients to benefit from transparent price discovery, fair and consistent execution and anonymous trading environment. :
Data analytics
Cürex offers a robust and reliable pre-trade suite of data analytics that meet the buy side’s ‘market check’ requirements of MiFID II, including:
  • Pre-trade analytics that inform clients of prevailing market conditions for better risk decision making
  • Comprehensive metrics that support the requirement for proof of ‘best execution’ under MiFID II
  • Post-trade analytics that prove that the price achieved was the best price available in the Cürex multi-contributor pool
Investment product support
Cürex supports financial product issuers by offering access to efficient FX trading and associated benchmarks for their exchange traded products (ETPs):
  • Access to transparent, streaming, executable FX prices for trading and benchmarking
  • An alternative to the use of one month forwards in product construction
About LMAX Group

LMAX Group is the leading global cross-asset marketplace and independent operator of institutional execution venues for FX and digital assets trading.

LMAX Group services banks, non-banks, asset managers, retail brokerages and delivers efficient market structure, and transparent, precise, consistent execution. The Group builds and runs its own high performance, ultra-low latency exchange infrastructure, which includes matching engines in London, New York, Tokyo and Singapore.

The LMAX Group portfolio includes LMAX Exchange, LMAX Global and LMAX Digital.

LMAX Exchange is an institutional exchange for global FX and an FCA-regulated MTF. LMAX Exchange enables institutions to trade on a central limit order book with streaming firm limit order liquidity from top-tier global banks and non-banks. Trading on LMAX Exchange enables institutions to have full transparency of market dynamics, avoid pre-trade information leakage and control execution strategy and costs.

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